Why Hire Movers?

Moving to a new home can be an overwhelming experience, but hiring professional movers can make it much easier. They will pack all your belongings, transport them to your new home, and unpack everything for you once they arrive. However, there are some things you need to consider before you hire a mover. This includes cost, distance, specialty items, and more.


Movers offer various services to help pack, load and transport your belongings. Many also have storage facilities to store your items while in transit.

Some movers offer labor-only services, which are great for moving long-distance or if you don’t need a full-service mover. These services are usually available for a fee and can include loading or unloading your truck, container or rental car.

Whether you’re moving locally or internationally, it’s important to find a reliable mover who can handle your belongings safely and efficiently. This will ensure that your items don’t get damaged in transit or at your new destination.

A good way to start your search for a moving company is to ask your real estate agent for referrals. Often, they have relationships with a number of local companies that specialize in residential and commercial relocations.

Storage is a convenient, cost-effective way to hold onto your belongings while you get your new home or office set up. It’s also an excellent solution if you are moving abroad or downsizing to a smaller space.

Self-storage and pod containers are popular options for short-term storage, while full-service storage providers are more ideal for long-term storage. The best option for you depends on how long your items will stay in storage, the type of storage, and how much it costs.

Generally, short-term storage facilities are less expensive than self-storage units and are more flexible in terms of when you can retrieve your items. However, you should be aware that some storage companies charge for storage-in-transit or on a monthly basis.

Large transitions like moving to a new home are rarely straightforward, and last-minute complications have a habit of popping up at the most unexpected times. For this reason, movers often offer storage services as an additional option to their clients.

Packing your belongings is an important part of a successful move. Whether you are moving out of your current home or across the country, it is essential to get everything sorted, labeled and ready for the movers to take to your new home.

Minimize your belongings by removing items that you no longer use or want. This will make packing easier and reduce the amount of boxes you have to pack.

Organize the items you have in your home and group them into categories such as kitchen, office, bedroom, living room, etc. This will simplify the process of unpacking and putting things away once you’re in your new home.

Stock up on packing supplies such as packing tape, boxes or storage containers, markers to label boxes, and packing peanuts or other insulation for fragile items. Stack boxes correctly when you’re finished filling and taping them. This will prevent the items from shifting during the move and keep them safe.

If you are planning a long distance move or you have a lot of high-value items, movers are the ideal choice. These companies have their own trucks with large moving pads that can handle your goods efficiently and safely.

Depending on the size and weight of your shipment, movers may quote you an hourly rate for their crew to do the job or a flat rate per 100 pounds for the whole load. For moves over 40 miles, they may also offer a written binding estimate.

In addition to transporting your items, a mover may also offer other services that will make your move easier, like packing, rigging or storing your belongings. If you are interested in these services, the best way to find a mover is to ask your friends and neighbors who have recently moved or to ask for referrals at your local business community center. This is a great way to ensure that you get the right service for the right price!